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Healthcare, Bioscience, and BioPharma


Second Act Careers, health care division is consistently one of the top direct hire healthcare, and advanced practice search consulting and recruitment firm in country. We identify, recruit, and place exceptional talent for leading healthcare organizations nationwide.

Engineering, Mechatronics, Maintenance and Manufacturing

Every company has to have a plan, a path, or some grand idea that the leadership team follows in order to ensure that growth continues and the company’s culture is embraced. As we continued to grow in these up and down economic times, Second Act Career found itself at a crossroad and had to ask ourselves, “Where are we going?”  We won’t change that we have an Engineering and manufacturing division and that we will have a separate Healthcare side to our business but we will niche them into two separate groups.

“We won’t abandon the manufacturing and supply chain sector.”

As it seems, many boutique search firms and executive recruiters jump on whatever sector is hot in order to maximize their revenue streams. As a business-focused company, we understand that at the end of the day it’s about the business making money and reaching its goals.

But we took a different approach.

We didn’t want to hop on the flavor of the week or a bandwagon of what is hot right now, today. As we began our journey in manufacturing and engineering, its who we are and what works. So, we hunkered down and continued to build our networks composed of manufacturing executives, manufacturing engineers, supply chain professionals and manufacturing technology professionals with experience in SAP, QAD, Plex, Industrial Automation, and beyond.

Here to stay.

Second Act Careers will continue to be the one true believer in manufacturing, and engineering right here in the USA and as we continue our growth globally, we plan to remain the #1 Manufacturing Executive Search Firm in North America.


Business Research


We help grow and develop your teams. Selecting the right people for your organization is crucial to your continued success. Second Act Healthcare Careers builds our clients’ teams by matching candidates to company culture. Because discretion is often required, we use intelligent strategies even when searches are urgent. At Second Act Healthcare Careers we combine traditional approaches with innovative ones.  We cold-call, we utilize social media, we target with email marketing, we create original content, we participate in groups with the larger healthcare community, we network, we seek referrals – all to attract passive candidates. Ultimately the spirit and foundation of Second Act Healthcare Careers is: Doing What We Say We Will Do. We offer trusted collaboration and honest guidance to our clients with integrity.

Connect with us to learn more about how we can collaborate with you.

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We match candidates with opportunities at all levels of healthcare:

  • C suite, VPs, Executives, Managers, Directors

  • Advance Practice Clinicians – including PAs, NPs, CRNAs (Nurse  Anesthetist)

    • Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Therapist: Speech, Respiratory, Occupational, Physical.

  • Leadership – opportunities to lead in ways that require a clinical background

  • Quality – including roles that monitor utilization review and quality improvement

  • Nursing – BSN, RN, LPN : including all specialty nurses and clinical roles and careers that require RN backgrounds

Let us know what opportunities you seek – we have direct access to unlisted opportunities at numerous facilities.

Working with Coffee


As the leading Engineering, Mechatronics, Robotics, Manufacturing executive search firm, we know the key to your business is finding the right people with the right skills at just the right time you need them. Maybe you are a manufacturing company, or top engineering firm, or needing someone with maintenance or robotics to repair your equipment, regardless of industry or sector, your engineers/ techs/ or skilled trade people drive your company’s success and with open positions on your team you cant succeed .We help you find them.

With the lack of skilled trade and engineering graduates in North America, the employment markets have continued to become ultra-competitive and tight for top talent and candidates. To find and allure great talent at the executive or professional skill level, you need to partner with an executive search firm that has the networks and know-how to help you onboard the best people and the best talent. Second Act Careers will do deep dive research and sell candidates on your company’s culture and vision to help give you the edge.

From relocation to making a career leap, our recruiters work hand-in-hand with the top skilled engineers, maintenance, robotics and manufacturing professionals    to give you the best chance of hiring top talent.

 Executive Search Firm Process

  • In-house dedicated research team

  • Intense national and global sourcing

  • Discreet when needed

  • Candidate forced ranking

  • Counteroffer planning

  • Compensation Strategy

  • Offer Presentation

  • Resignation Assistance

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With well over 100 years of experience, we are a talent sourcing and recruiting organization dedicated to providing the best engineering, healthcare, and scientific professionals to the clinical and non-clinical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We offer direct hire search services to the drug development industry spanning the drug development timeline from early discovery through IND and translational medicine through manufacturing and analytical services of drug substance in the large and small molecule.

As a premier pharmaceutical executive search partner, Second Act Careers can find you the talent you need from clinical services, e-clinical, technology, CROs, NCROs and management consulting firms in the pharma and biotech markets.

These roles are just a few of what we fill: 

  • Pathology and Histology positions

  • In Life and Post Life, Physical Technicians

  • Toxicology positions

  • Biochemists

  • Biological Scientists

  • Chemists

  • Clinical Lab Research Specialists

  • Lab Technicians

  • Immuno Assay

  • Pharma/ Formulations 

  • In Life and Post Life, Physical Technicians

  • Microbiologists

  • Clinical and Non Clinical Study Directors and support roles

  • Regulatory and Quality Experts including SEND


Corporations of all sizes are able to save time and money on their recruiting efforts.  SECOND ACT CAREERS provides the resources and expertise to provide Qualified, Available, and Interested candidates.
Our  database contains nearly 300,000 active and passive candidates.  In addition, the technical focus of our database helps us match specific skills with your requirements.



Our recruiters access private resume databases, such as LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter , Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder, which are not available to the general public.  In a sea of resumes, our search techniques look for the most important talent traits and targets those individuals.

Confident businessman waiting for an int


When needed and appropriate, we use intensive media advertising campaigns which include internet, email and social, that attracts talent to your opportunity and expands the candidate pool.  Your opportunity will target and be in front of the right audience.

Shaking Hands



The relationships with our clients, candidates, employees, and our vendors are our most valuable assets. We will strive to always take care of each other and to operate our business so that we maintain our culture of appreciation, respect, transparency, and we shall avoid office politics.


Honoring one’s word is a pathway to trust. The qualities of being honest, courageous, inspiring, and committed flow from holding yourself accountable and doing what you say you will do.  We hold ourselves to DWYSYWD.



Every individual shall take ownership, be accountable, and take responsibility while avoiding blame, excuses, and denial. We will always strive to admit, learn, and grow from failure and mistakes.



As we conduct our business, we will operate with the highest integrity and we shall strive to live by the Golden Rule.


We believe we have an obligation to give back to the community through charitable efforts and, as a token of our appreciation to those who have helped us succeed, we will pay it forward.

What to expect from us?

  • You can expect an in-depth dive into your company’s culture as well as direct and indirect competitors in the space

  • You can expect a deep dive into your current vacancy and the business problems it solves.

  • You can expect a search outcome that is derived from key people, not keywords.

  • You can expect follow-up communications from candidate interviews and assistance with transitional negotiations.

  • You can expect candidate resumes and profiles from individuals who do not have their resumes posted on job boards and are not actively searching for roles, but might be open to select targeted opportunities.

  • You can expect a written summary on each candidate with information that is not on the job boards, Linkedin, or on the resume but gathered only through an in-depth exploration method to get to know the candidates beyond the surface.

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We will connect you with the Best Candidates in the Industry

  • Over 100 years of recruiting experience

  • 250,000 candidate Proprietary Database

  • More than a Million connections by Recruiter

  • Proven Process to Source Top Tier Candidate within the Research industry


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