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Why use a professional recruiter?


1. You will learn about the hard-to-find career opportunities

2. You will get comprehensive feedback on your resume, which can increase your odds of getting an interview

3. You’ll learn how to sell yourself in an interview

4. We will assist you in practicing how to ask for the job

5. We will advise you on looking at the big picture in terms of opportunity, money and location

6. We provide you guidance in regards to salary negotiations

7. You’ll learn the pitfalls of accepting a counter offer

8. We’ll advise you on how and when it makes sense to make job changes

9. Haven’t changed jobs before?  We’ll advise you on how to handle the emotional aspect of this life-changing decision


  • We help identify career opportunities otherwise not known.

  • We help differentiate career opportunities for the optimum fit to your personal career goals.

  • We recruit for a living. We’re the experts. Trust our advice and counsel and together make the best decision for yourself and your family.

  • We give you direct feedback on your resume and make suggestions so the very important first impression truly reflects your value.

  • We have access to the decision makers. We have developed strong relationships with key people in the organization. You will get a personal introduction, presenting your strengths and experience directly to the person responsible for the hiring decision.

  • We educate you on the company and the position and advise you on how to prepare for interviews. You will go into the interview knowledgeable and ready to represent yourself in the most favorable light.

  • We represent you, much like a sports agent. From the initial introduction to preparing you for the interviewing process to helping to negotiate the best financial package, our goal is to provide a win-win for all parties.

  • We help you through resigning and those difficult counter-offer negotiations.

  • We stay in touch with you well after you start with your new career. This is a long-term relationship and we encourage our candidates to continue their communications with us.

Informative Interview


Taking on a new role encourages people to look ahead – planning the next months and years of their lives. So with a new job offer in hand, it’s not surprising that some people put little time or effort into making sure they resign from a job on a good note, with dignity and grace. View some of our job resignation tips.

Counsel & Advice


Interviewing can be an enjoyable part of the job search process. The trick is to prepare ahead of time, go in with confidence, and relax. The purpose of a job interview is twofold: A company is trying to determine if you are right for the job, and you are trying to find out if the job is right for you. You can make a good impression and take advantage of the time you have with the interviewer by doing a little homework.

Old Documents


When you want to quit, but the current job wants you to stay, what do you do? Counter offers are common, but are they worth it?

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