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Get efficient, effective access to the best candidates
When you are seeking to hire someone new for your company, you need:

  • Quality – The right person for the job

  • Speed – A search that is completed quickly and successfully

  • Cost savings – A low overall cost of hiring

  • Time savings – A much shorter time investment for you and better results for you and your staff. Experienced veterans of the executive recruiting industry, led by Guy Hulen founder of Second Act Careers to be different from other recruiting companies and offer these benefits. We haven’t only succeeded in this tough industry; we’ve taken its traditional methodologies, organic search techniques, social media sourcing methods and coupled them with the newest technologies and we have taken the search for the allusive best candidate to an entirely new level. The following are differentiating factors that help us do a better job for you.

  • Access to hidden talent.  In our practice areas, we work hard to identify and build relationships with 100% of the candidates out there, many of whom are not actively in a job search. The passive candidate is what most companies want someone who is open to a new opportunities but is currently loved by their current employer. The hidden talent is counting on us to bring your open position to their attention, and our extensive candidate database makes this possible.

  • Credibility with both candidates and companies. Our recruiters are known for their straight talk. We don’t oversell companies and candidates but instead seek to present the whole picture to both sides. By building credibility on both sides of the equation, we are able to make better matches between companies and candidates.

  • Effective storytelling. We understand that a company is much more than a set of facts and figures. You have a story, culture, and work environment that are constantly evolving. By understanding your story on a deep level and conveying it effectively, we can eliminate misconceptions, explain advantages, and ultimately help you hire the best candidates.

  • Team approach. Each of our practice areas includes multiple recruiters who work as a team. Although you will have a single point of contact, you will have the benefit of an entire team that specializes in your industry and works to fill your position with the greatest speed and efficiency.

  • Strategic business partnership. Instead of focusing on individual transactions and maximizing our short-term success, we seek to build business relationships with both companies and candidates. For example, if we determine that the fit between a company and a candidate is not right, we will say so, since mis-hires negatively affect our credibility. If you want a proactive strategic business partner, we can offer a system that makes a real difference to the long-term success of your company.



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